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Quick & Easy Bookkeeping System



1.  Automatic one keystroke Data Back-up (must have additional storage device).

2.  Automatic customer receipt Printing.

3.  Automatic filing and retrieving of all customer purchases.

4.  Automatic creation of mailing labels from customer database.

5.  Automatic report generation based on customer database records.

6.  Automatic updating of credit file for your credit assigned customers.

7.  Automatic sales updating to the Electronic General Ledger.

8.  Automatic tracking of total dollar amount of each product / service sold.

9.  Automatic sales tax computing and sales recall report, per customer.

11. Automatic creation & maintenance of Partial Payments file.

12. Automatic check printing and check reconciliation (optional).

13. Automatic Income Statements (Profit & Loss statement).

14. Automatic creation of a Business / Vendor Directory & Message Center from customer database.

15. Employee Time Clock and Automatic Payroll computing complete with W2 information (optional).

16. E-mail and Text Blast your Promotions & Special Sales to your customers (optional).

17. Customer Event Scheduler

18. Customer Event Reminder

19. All Customer Data is Stored on YOUR COMPUTER ... NOT out in cyberspace somewhere

20. Back-Up Copy of this Program Downloaded

21. Customer Logo on Printed Receipts (optional)

22. 30 minute Online ZOOM User Training Session

23. Accept Credit & Debit Card Online Ordering of your Products & Services (optional)

Quick & Easy 'Point of Sale' Bookeeping System
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